Reconnective Healing Sessions by Mimi Broihier

In 2009-10 I trained and became certified in Reconnective Healing, an effective and powerful method of healing your body and mind using a broad spectrum of energy supplied by the Universe. I wanted to find and learn the most progressive and promising form of energy healing and Reconnective Healing was it.

Healing with energy is growing more popular because it is safe, effective and fun. Thanks to the work of research scientists such as Dr. William Tiller, Gary Schwartz, PhD, and Richard Gerber, MD, we know that Reconnective Healing is new and different. Energy medicine as a whole is slowly being accepted into the medical field, but the frequencies of Reconnective healing have pushed beyond the energy healing paradigm to the furthest reaches of the Universe.

In Reconnective Healing the flow of various frequencies of energy propels the body and mind to a higher vibration by balancing and repairing your natural, energetic field. It helps move a person forward to a place where healing can occur utilizing the infinite power of the fifth dimensional energy grid. Reconnective Healing uses a broader spectrum of energy, light and its inherent information to bring improvement in your physical, mental, or emotional health.

With Reconnection Healing some people experience immediate healings, others have healings that unfold gently over time.

Every experience is different, but healings generally happen in one to three sessions. Sometimes the healing occurs after the session itself. I cannot predict what will happen or what healing will occur. The Universe decides what is most needed and appropriate for you at the time.

What Happens in a Reconnective Healing Session?

This is a 45 minute session where you relax face-up on a massage table, close your eyes, and simply allow yourself to notice and experience your session. It is important to trust that the most appropriate healing for you is the one you will receive. There is no need to inform me of what you want healed. Your healing is not up to me, it is up to you and the Universe.

One to three sessions is usually all that is necessary or recommended. Each session is $90. $110 if I travel to you.

Here is a list of what some people have experienced during a Reconnective Healing session with me:

Tingling sensations, heat sensations, slight pressure, intense relaxation, emotional clearing, angelic messages, aromas of flowers and spice, blissful feelings.



What is The Reconnection and how does it work?

In the two-session Reconnection the practitioner directs these new, powerful frequencies to specific points on the body to reconnect and engage our original axiatonal lines, “reconnecting” the body to the energetic grid that surrounds Earth and extends out into the Universe. This process renews and supports our bodies and cells. The Reconnection process also aligns us with new unending axiatonal lines, allowing for the exchange of energy, light and information from the Universe that our bodies and souls use to heal.

Dear Mimi,

Thanks for the healing and Reconnection. The healing that manifested in my body in December is still with me. No pain in my back, no sore spots, and the sinus condition that was with me for over 40 years is gone.

Thanks again,


You do not need to have a disease or any physical ailment to benefit from a Reconnection. It helps healthy people move to a higher performance state physically and creatively. It gives us knowledge so we can evolve physically and/or spiritually. We can move to higher levels of consciousness and understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. Many people who have The Reconnection experience peace and heightened awareness as the process unfolds in their lives. 

A Reconnection is $333 and usually takes place in two sessions on two consecutive days. It is recommended that you have at least one general Reconnective session before having The Reconnection/Axiatonal Alignment.

Contact me at 224-388-4494 to schedule your appointments in the Chicago area, or go to and find a practitioner anywhere in the world. You will never regret it.



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