Figuring Your Life Path Number

This is not hard.  It’s basically addition, but oh, the stories a number can tell!

First, write out your birthdate numerically, such as this (I’ll use mine):


Then add each number separately such as this:

6+2+3+1+9+5+9 = 35

Easy so far, right?

Now take that final number and add the separate numbers again, reducing it to 1 number.

So mine is 3+5 = 8

My life path number is 8.

Now, most numerologists use the number 35 also, so my final number would be 35/8.

In case you get your hands on Dan Millman’s Life Purpose book called The Life You Were Born to Live, he uses the combined numbers.

If you read Ruth Drayer‘s book, The Power in Numbers, she shows you how to find and utilize the birth path (life path) numbers found in your name, which brings a whole new level of understanding to the table. For instance, you can find numbers that help you understand your Destiny,  your Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge. Truly, it can blow your mind.

Whoever says numerology is a bunch of hooey, is missing the boat.  The entire Universe is based on numbers.  That’s the beauty of it.  If you are a natural mathematician, you are lucky indeed. I still need a calculator. Now go to the page titled Birth Paths on the drop down menu.




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