Numerology Books

The Life You Were Born to Live by Dan Millman.

Years ago I photocopied several pages of this book for myself because it was so good, but for the life of me I could not find the book’s title on any of the pages (take note editors!) so ten years later I finally found out it was Dan Millman’s book about his Life Purpose System, which is related to numerology.  Once you easily figure out your birth numbers you find your combination and read the wonderfully accurate pages all about yourself!  The depth to which he goes to provide insight to your purpose is astounding and a relief.  I say relief because this book will finally give you some relief from your inability to trust your own inner guidance.  This book is proof that you can go ahead and trust all those nudges you’ve been giving yourself all these years.  This book was instrumental in my trusting that the Universe does have a plan.

Numerology, The Power in Numbers by Ruth A. Drayer

I liked this book so much it inspired me to teach a class on numerology!  I got permission from Ruth Drayer to share her intuitive approach to understanding how to determine the correct numbers for yourself and to use her own writings for each number. Each one is a story you’ll want to read over and over. This book allows you to go deep into different layers of your own numbers which reflect more levels to the true nature of your personality and your role in this lifetime.

Ruth has even given additional information for interpreting numbers in a more modern context, after 2000 and into the Aquarian age.  This has made all the difference for me and makes this book one of the best numerology books out there. It is a gem and everyone can benefit from it, even if you just do your very basic numbers.


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