Susan Wisehart – Psychotherapist, author

Author, psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist Susan Wisehart pinpoints forgiveness as the one thing to embrace when struggling to find happiness and hoping to access our soul’s purpose.

Whether you are just starting a soul search, or are deep into your journey, listen to my brief interview with Susan Wisehart as we discuss the differences between personality and soul, and the psychological blocks that we carry around with us that keep us from our soul’s purpose and happiness.

You may also want to get a copy of her book Soul Visioning, Clear the Past, Create Your Future, which leads you through her 7-Step process to connect you to your soul’s vision for you.

Experience Soul Visioning with Susan at a two-hour workshop on June 2 , 2013 at 1p, at the Whole Life Expo, Schaumburg Convention Center, or contact her at one of her two office locations in the Chicago suburbs of Mundelein and Des Plaines. Check out her website at

Click for interview: Susan Wisehart Edited 3-14-13


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