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Training a Rose

The bulk of the main root hid beneath the rotting wood deck, waiting to be discovered.  It was big and dark as a beef bone. For years someone chopped it off at soil level to keep it from crowding out … Continue reading

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The Growing Season

The doctor held out my test results, two 3×3 inch Rorschach blobs. “You won’t be having any of your own children.” She tilted her head a bit to the side in an effort at doctor-patient empathy. After years of trying … Continue reading

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That’s Life

Why do parents who were young during WWII seem to have lived more impassioned lives when seen through the eyes of their children? What romance they must have lived! What clarity and purpose they had! Wars were fought and won, … Continue reading

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Christmas! In Bulk!

My mother has six daughters so certain things were always bought in bulk. Most people immediately think of toilet paper and Tampax. Yes, but no. I am referring to presents. Gifts. Specifically, Christmas gifts. My mother bought gifts in bulk … Continue reading

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