Invisible Acts of Power, by Caroline Myss

I have been reading this book for a couple weeks.  It is meaty, but I really want to ingest it, so I am going through it a second time and taking notes.

Carolyn Myss is a wonderful writer and thinker, but if you hear her speak, she is short and to the point and at times a little scary.  She does not mince words.  In her books, she is softer and more emotional. I like her books.

If you have ever done reading about the seven basic chakras that govern energy in our bodies, this book is a must read.  Myss, who always relates her themes to something religious,  mythical, or archetypal, now shows us how we can control our personal power through our chakras.

When we say personal power, we’re not talking power OVER anything or anyone, we’re talking about using the spiritual power inherent in all of us, the divine power of compassion that is given to us by the universe and meant to bring us all to higher levels of development.

For those of us who feel powerless, read this. You’ll find out where your REAL power lies.



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