Birth Paths

Birth paths are helpful road signs to finding your authentic self, so once you figure out your Birth Path number from the instructions (in the drop down menu under Life Path Tools) find your number listed below.  All information (which is shortened here) is taken from Ruth Drayer’s book Numerology, the Power in Numbers.


Number 1 Birth Path

Your life experience will be structured for you to learn and know that you are worthy and capable.  You are to live with courage, be with courage in all ways. Love and appreciate yourself for all the strides you have made in this area, and continually support yourself to do more.  Your life lesson is to believe in yourself, validate yourself, and stand by yourself, always.  Any time you look to others to do this for you, you are giving them power over you and diluting your effectiveness.  Your “mistakes” become new avenues of expression.  Believe in yourself; no one knows better than you what is best for you.


Number 2 Birth Path

Your life lesson is to help others carry out their ideas.  Learn patience and timing, and understand that your strength comes from your intuition and sensitivity. Number 2s have a tendency to compare themselves to others, but do you conclude that others are smarter or superior to you.  You need to learn to follow your own intuition, that little voice inside you.  Learning to feel your way through life takes time and patience.

You will learn that there is a perfect time for everything and the more you obey your intuition, the more closely you will attune to it. Do not be afraid to make mistakes.  You are learning to surrender to the will of the Universe/God.


Number 3 Birth Path

Your life lesson is to use your imagination fully and freely and to make everything you do an expression of joy.  Attempt to see the humor in everything you do.  Develop your imagination by practicing visualization and use it as a tool to create things as you want them.  Do not buy in to other’s ideas of how things should be.  That is their reality. Create your reality to be the most wonderful.  Do not be hampered by restrictions that others put upon themselves.  Restrictions are not your path in life.  Rise above negativity. Your life lesson is to let your inner child come out and play.  Push yourself for greater creativity, even if you already know how to do something.  Invent a new way to do it.


Number 4 Birth Path

Your life lesson is to be organized, dependable, punctual, efficient and a good manager. You are learning about the foundations upon which life is built.  This is the lesson of perseverance and organization.  Learn to do those things so you understand the process without becoming stuck in it.  You are actually learning to be down-to-earth, so that you can assist others give form to the things they do.  Number 4s are the doers in life. When you accomplish a goal, stop and acknowledge it.  Bring that knowledge into all aspects of life and see the importance of routine.  You also need to learn to treasure your physical body, which is all about form.


Number 5 Birth Path

Your lesson is to expand your life-to smell it, touch it, see it, taste it and live fully! You are also to learn that freedom can be running toward things as well as running away from them. If it to realize that life is a continual series of choices and that even “wrong” choices can be valuable. Learn by taking other’s advice.

Number 5s need to make their own mistakes. Number 5s want to explore all pathways.  Their lives are filled with sudden changes and unexpected opportunities, demanding great flexibility. Value each experience for the lesson it offers and stay focused in the present moment to obtain the full benefits.


Number 6 Birth Path

A number 6 Birth Path is the beauty path. Your life lesson is about relationships, responsibility, service, love and beauty.  Considered the number representing marriage and divorce, number 6s are commonly involved in one of these endeavors.  You are learning about love.  You are not necessarily proficient.  You are as likely to get divorced as you are to get married.  Some 6s never get married because they don’t think they could ever measure up as a good partner.  Recognize that all relationships offer a challenge.  If you put others’ approval ahead of your own, you will frequently feel that you are a victim.

All lessons are to teach you how to be in a good relationship with yourself.  What a wonderful world this will be when everyone is fully responsible for their own happiness, health, creativity and joy.  As you respect yourself, others will respect you also.


Number 7 Birth Path

If you have a number 7 Birth Path, your life lesson is to find faith and trust in your own divine spirit.  All of your life experiences are geared toward this. You path is that of a loner, as the mysteries you want to solve are solitary pursuits.  In truth, only deep faith can fill the emptiness you feel within. Luckily, these days, number 7s are coming out of their hiding places, so you might easily find someone to walk the path next to yours and keep you company.


Number 8 Birth Path

Your life lesson is to learn mastery of yourself.  That may mean taking control of your life or it may mean loosening control and bringing God/Universe into more of a partnership. You are here to deal with your creations from other lifetimes and learn to take responsibility for what you are creating now.  You have the potential for great accomplishments, which can either be done from your ego, or from cooperation with the Universe. One path has infinitely more power than the other, so be aware.  As you breathe, focus on your breath healing and balancing you.  Allow your life to happen, rather than constantly pushing it.


Number 9 Birth Path

Your lesson is to forgive, love and accept yourself just as you are right now.  Yours is the path to completion.  You are finishing something you may have been working on for many lifetimes.  People, places and things may come into your life and be gone just as you think something new is beginning.  Attribute that to the fact that there was something you needed to complete, with love.  Do not be hard on yourself. You are an old soul, winding up lifetimes. Allow yourself the same love you give so freely to others. Rise above the melodrama into love.






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