Institute of HeartMath

HeartMath is a research organization run by a group of scientists who want the world to know the power inherent in their hearts. They want people to know that our hearts are 100 times more energetic than our minds. They want people to know that when people pay attention to the energetic realm within and around their bodies, they can de-stress their lives, control their emotions, and harness the power of the Universe.

In other words, we can change the world if we access the power that is already in our hearts. Check out the articles,  research, educational programs and products on their site. There are also plenty of freebies to sign up for.

Rollin McCraty, the Director of Research, travels the world giving talks and speaking on panels at events. I saw him and was able to speak with him at the ISSEEM ( International Society of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine) convention in Colorado just a few years ago. He is a friendly, accessible, open guy who is helping bring change to the world by helping us access the energies within us.


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