The Cosmic Path, Stephanie Azaria’s Astrology

In 1969 the Vietnam war was still raging, my brother went to Woodstock, Apollo 11 landed on the moon and I had my 10th birthday. I got a party, a Schwinn  3-speed and a poster of the zodiac signs. I taped the poster to the wall next to my bunk bed and went to sleep every night staring at the woodblock designed symbols, wondering what they all meant.

I am a Cancer, the home-loving, dreamy-eyed crab. Everything I ever read about Cancerians I could see in myself at one time or another.  As a young person it was reassuring and fun to read about my life, traits and personality as if I had a secret friend who knew all about me.

At that time it was OK to have a cool looking zodiac poster in your bedroom, but to actually talk about your horoscope was a joke to most people.  I knew astrology was considered a pseudoscience, but naive as I may be, my inner self has always felt there was something more to it. After all, a system that existed for over 5,000 years in many cultures must have something of value to it.  But with the rise of modern science in the 17th century came the demise of astrology as an accepted source of information and as an outlet for scholarly pursuits. Lucky for us there are still astrologers out   there for us to consult and have fun with.

I find the best horoscopes are not the ones that “rate” your day with stars, or tell you how to behave on certain days. Those are superficial and useless. Check out Stephanie Azaria, and The Cosmic Path. Stephanie is my all-time favorite.  She has a way of providing deep and soulful meaning to her readings that stay with you all week.

Cosmic Path weekly horoscopes are free and she keeps a running post of the older ones too, so you can refer back to them.  Definitely a delightful way to start your week.





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