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It was clear the bugler abandoned the horn after the first few months of band. Our neighbor boy of 12 years or so walked into his front yard and bleated out a warbly version of Taps. It sliced through the … Continue reading

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Paying retail? Apply for this card!

I, Mimi Broihier, hereby release Value Safe Grocery Stores, Inc., from any and all claims and demands I might inadvertently make as they may pertain to in-store purchases and do hereby agree to the following conditions in order to receive a … Continue reading

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No amount of whipped cream can save this pie

It was Thanksgiving 1966 and there were nine of us stuffed into a Wisconsin bungalow that was barely big enough for one blue-haired Nana, her cranky German cuckoo clock and a tall toilet with a mysterious chain. I was six … Continue reading

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The Reno

I am babysitting the construction guys right now but don’t let my charges know they are under surveillance. One is painting the upstairs bathroom walls. The other is rebuilding the tub deck with 2×4’s and I don’t want anything to … Continue reading

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