The Big Reveal About ME!

award-1Just when I thought the day would end with the soft thud of nothing-new-is- going-on-here, there’s JT Weaver in my comment section nominating my little blog for A Very Inspiring Blogger Award!  Thank you for thinking of me JT! You do me an honor.

The deal with this award is you must follow the rules, which includes publicly stating (in my case admitting) 7 things about yourself. So, in the name of playing along, I can tell you that:

1) I just ate four Baker’s Chocolate brownies that my daughter made for me for Mother’s Day and am feeling a little sick now.

2) I can’t stop watching reruns of Frasier. Help me.

3) I got a Master’s degree and have done absolutely nothing with it.  I finished it after 7 years because someone said I never finish things. At the time they were correct.  Annoying, but correct. Mean, but correct. Haughty, holier-than-thou and made me cry nasty, but correct. Damn her.

4) Every day I come up with another idea for a reality TV show.  Not the gross sad ones like Hoarders, but interesting ones like “What the Heck is that Airplane Doing In Your Garage? This spurt of ideas usually happens on my walks around the neighborhood when my blood has an abnormally high level of oxygen in it.

5) I am a feminist. Sometimes I rant and rave about it all. Just warning you who are afraid of feminists, like we all want something we’re not entitled to.

6) My 20th wedding anniversary is coming up this year. Oy.

7) My dream is to become a successful writer so I can buy some decent clothes and actually have some places to wear them. I used to own 30 pairs of shoes.  Now I have clogs. Old, worn-out clogs.  They just will not die.

Now, check out the blogs I am nominating to pay it forward. Most of them are about writing:

A Wilderness of Words,

Yangsze Choo

Now get reading!!!!

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26 Responses to The Big Reveal About ME!

  1. Kris says:

    Congrats you deserve this! Thanks for all your great writing – keep it up, it’s a real treat to my day! xo

  2. MartyW47 says:

    Congrats Mimi! Thanks for the nomination! 🙂 Sorry the only way I could help you with Frazier issue would be to pass you the pop-corn, that’s a great show! Congrats on making it to twenty as well! If you measure success in writing, in ability to write, your already there. Keep with it and the money will follow! A feminist in clogs who blogs?!? There’s a story or at least a poem in that… 😉

  3. Kit says:

    I like this Mimi! So proud of all of your writing! I’d watch your reality TV show, too 🙂

  4. Congratulations, sister! I love your writing — but I may be biased.

  5. This is wonderful news and so well-deserved! Keep the blogs flowing…we can’t get enough!

  6. yangszechoo says:

    Thank you so much for nominating me 😉 I’ve enjoyed reading your lovely blog – please keep writing!

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  8. Yeah! Yahoo! Yippee! Whoop! & Congratulations!

  9. Hi Mimi, congratulations! I’m looking forward to reading your blogs (I’ve just gobbled up two). I’m a fresh blogger, just 57 days into attempting the craft. My sister-in law, Brooke, and I are quitting refined sugars with fructose in them. We’ll put up a brownie recipe for your family that won’t leave you feeling ill. Although I’m not sure if four would….. Hey we’re from Michigan. Just sharing 😉 Cheers, Faith

  10. napperscompanion says:

    Congrats on the Freshly Pressed and thanks for the blog list. Some wonderful stuff there. Peace,

  11. Sanah says:

    Congratulations ! I’m new to your blog and already looking forward to new posts. You seem like a witty writer and someone who has a sweet tooth (4 brownies :P) ! Glad to make your acquiescence. 🙂

  12. Oh, wow!!! You are so cool!
    My seven:
    1) I can eat a whole PAN of Brownies! Especially if they are double chocolate brownies with toffee coating on top!
    2) I can’t stop watching reruns of Supernatural. There are 130 odd episodes . . .and the episodes are truly odd!
    3) I graduated high school in 1975. I got my Master’s in 1995. I got my Bachelor’s in 1990. I got those degrees because I grew up being told I was, and I quote “fat, stupid, ugly and useless.” Thanks, Mom. (Oh, btw Mommy Dearest? I have a 135 IQ, and I modeled for one of the most famous sporting goods companies in the world. Nyah Nyah!)
    4) I have been afraid all my life. See point 3. I am learning not to be afraid any more!
    5) I am a feminist too! AND an environmentalist!
    6) I have never been married. But I have been divorced. Twice. Yes, Common Law states. My first husband tortured me. My second went mad and was institutionalized. I have SUCH great taste in men!
    7) My dream is to become a successful blogger, just so I can feel like I did one good thing in my life that brings others joy. I am not fat, I am not stupid, I am not ugly, and I am not useless. Hey, I may have not figured that out until I was 50, but I figured it out! LOL

  13. ugoagadauyah says:

    Congrats Mimi. I look forward to more tongue-in-the cheek blogging from you.Old? Did you say old? Join the club.

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