To Have and Have Not

From the wire at Central Michigan Univ. radio station, where I worked

From the AP wire of John Lennon’s death from the radio station, where I worked in college.

This morning the network news reaffirmed to me that I made the right choice in college to NOT become a  “hard” news journalist.  I couldn’t stomach it then and I can’t stomach it now.

Five out of the top six news stories were about shootings and guns.  The sixth one was about the age old fight between  Palestinians and Israelis.  They use bombs and guns.

We Americans understand anger. It seems to be our #1 product. We operate in a perpetual state of being “offended”  but I think we get indignant at the little things. Why not use indignation to our best advantage? Let’s use it against fear since anger is fear in disguise.

I know fear. It has stolen years of my life by hijacking success, ruining relationships and derailing careers. Fear’s power can destroy anything and right now it is destroying our country and way of life.

Most people fear not having what they want and what they need.  As a former advertising exec, I understand what we have created.  It’s a big, ugly system of the Haves and the Have Nots, perpetuated by the Haves and cemented in the fears of the  Have Nots.

We all know the Haves make the rules, set the prices, provide the product, limit information, send us the bill, and then fine us when we can’t meet their demands on their time schedules.

They operate like the mob and they are getting away with it.  No one is stopping them.  We have been lax in speaking up, probably out of sheer exhaustion because we’re getting hit from all directions.

For example, Americans pay so much for services like health-
care and health insurance that it is killing us with stress. The World Health Organization reports that stress in our lives and the workplace costs us 300 billion and most likely will increase. No kidding.

We fear getting sick because it will only create a bloated health bill from the hospital. According to an article by Ariana Huffington on Huffpo, the CDC says two thirds of our visits to the doctor are from stress related illnesses.

Once we see the doctor, then we get to wait in fear of the insurance company’s refusal to pay. Yikes! We have heart attacks, cancers, depression and anxiety because of the fear and anger from trying to get better!  No doubt some end up killing others in rampages. Their ravaged minds are sick and they have received no help. People don’t go on shooting rampages when their minds are working right.

Healthcare isn’t the only culprit of fear and anger. We work more and more hours, yet are living with less pay and fewer benefits. We have trusted our banks with our money, and they have taken it and run, along with the house and kitchen sink. We have elected politicians to speak for our best interests and they have ignored us in favor of playing games that have wasted time and put our welfare at stake.

Nature relies on cycles. This is one of the ingenious ideas of Mother Earth. Somehow she knew how things should flow around. She even figured in potential problems like incredible greed.

Animals and insects that eat up all their resources in a frenzy usually find themselves dying off like pathetic characters in an Aesop fable, finding out too late that there really was enough for all. Imagine that! They didn’t have to resort to hoarding, fraud, or extortion for what they wanted. All they had to do was treat the other bugs with respect and consideration and it all would have worked out just fine for everyone.

I have a feeling this works with humans as well.


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8 Responses to To Have and Have Not

  1. I AM READY TO MARCH!@@!!!!!

  2. MartyW47 says:

    I hear you Mimi, I blog about this kind of stuff too, people seem so wrapped in want they want next and jumping on the next “en vogue” bandwagon, that no one actually stops to consider the ramifications of what they’re doing or giving up. It’s sad, really sad, that so few seem to be able to clue in and the rest seem at least by action or lack there of condone this “New World Order” where a small percentage of the population live in obscene luxury while the rest are subjected to what amounts to economic indentured servitude. Didn’t we fight against this kind of stuff back in the 60’s and 70’s? Oops I guess I’m showing my age….

  3. This is so well-written, Mimi, and just happens to reflect my personal feelings and opinions. Being honest with fear is so important and leads us to combat it with its opposite, love. Scarcity= fear; abundance = love. We can take our pick at any time.

  4. Kris says:

    This is so spot on right! It’s a daily challenge not to get sucked into the fears the “News” says we should be afraid of and feeling hopeless about the big business and political thieves who thrive on greed and sticking it to everyone else. Thanks for spelling it out so clearly. Keep it up, please!

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