Good Vibrations at 7.8Mhz and more

The door slams on a minivan in a driveway across the street and I felt it on my ass while sitting at my desk on the second floor of my house at least 40 yards away.  How is that?  Was the slam that hard?  Is my butt that jiggly?

There it goes again. And there I go again. If vibration is a result of something oscillating (like my rear) from the force of a movement like a car door slam, it is no wonder that for the past year my ears ring with pain when I do the smallest of tasks, like blowdrying my hair or clearing out the dishwasher.  Just the clinking of metal from putting silverware in a drawer is irritating.  The sound of porcelain plates hitting each other as I stack them reverberates in my head and clangs around in there. Little squishy earplugs help, but I would have to wear them constantly to get the benefit.

What is going on?  Is this a precursor to going deaf? Insane from noise? Or is something more interesting happening, perhaps? Anything but insanity, please.

When we moved back to the Midwest from dry Denver, I noticed everything in life was amplified, which I immediately attributed to that wonderful floating fog called humidity.  I hear everything and feel everything as if the air is a vaporous Peavey amp. This can be good and bad. Traffic noise from the highway zooms through the back bedroom hallway, but the buzz of cicadas in the honeylocust trees tingles on my arms. The cat chewing its toenails at the foot of my bed rattles it like a 6.1 temblor, but the meandering descent of a yellow ash leaf soothes my whole being in just one minute.

It has been a year since we moved here and the strange sensitivity to certain noises and vibrations continues.  I try to protect my ears by being quiet, but I think the basic 7.8 MHz vibration of Earth is increasing to something more like 78 RPM, revving up for a wild dance.

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9 Responses to Good Vibrations at 7.8Mhz and more

  1. Jeanne T Yarbrough says:

    Wow, Mimi! Another good post! You continue to remind me of ME but put it all so much more interestingly! A book that comes to mind reading this is “The Highly Sensitive Person.” I think you will find yourself within those pages!!

    • Mimi says:

      I just read about that book yesterday and thought it sounded like me. My mom used to say I would cry when my feet touched the sand and after awhile it really started to bug her! hahaha!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m the same way, to a great extent. Sudden noises make me leap in fright. The sound of my dog licking his paws for more than a minute results in his banishment from the room. A few grains of sand in my bed are cause for a complete re-smoothing of the sheets. But I also find comfort and beauty in things that are only different in connotation, like rain splattering loudly on the sidewalk outside my bedroom window, the drone of cidadas in late summer, or the wild roar of the wind coming off the lake.
    I think we’re just quirky like that.

  3. MartyW47 says:

    Great post Mimi! I completely agree that life sometimes is bit too noisy! Currently the quiet hum of appliances and occasional car going past is the only noise I’m hearing and it’s great! But there are times when there is too much audible input and I feel like I’m becoming nuts than I already am… I find in those situations I put on head phones and listen to something I really want to hear… Good Ole head banging music.. J/K classical or soft jazz

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have just read your post on Tiny Buddha and it was amazing. I just wanted to say thanks for posting it.

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