Can I have that Happiness in multiples, and sub-categorized, please?

What was your happiest moment?

When answering this question lots of women look off in the distance and list the details of the day their first child was born, or the day they got married.  Maybe those were lifelong goals finally achieved, but isn’t there more?  The answers seem so politically correct, and frankly, trite.  It is as if we expect women to answer that question with those answers, and they are offered up with no delay.  After all, who wants to be the one to say:  “My happiest day was when I finally divorced that jerk and went on a bender in Vegas with my peeps?”  So, we accept these answers and nod and smile.

But when pondering this question myself, I couldn’t narrow happiness down to a single moment or day.  And really, why limit ourselves to just one major happy moment for a lifetime?  So I started sub-categorizing my happiest moments.  That way, you get more happiness.  After doing this, I find I have an abundance of happiness in my life, which is good, particularly since I was considered the sullen child of the family.

Here is my short list of Happiest Moments:

  • Happiest moment of contentment:  holding my baby. (OK, didn’t you expect that one somewhere?)
  • Happiest moment with friends:  Singing all the lyrics to Godspell together, coming home after the movie in 8th grade.
  • Happiest moment on a motorcycle:  traveling Highway 1 up to Santa Barbara.
  • Happiest moment while eating: Last weekend after trying Kehr’s Fairy Food in Milwaukee.
  • Happiest moment in nature:  Seeing the fields of bluebonnets in Texas.
  • Happiest moment in snow:  Skiing a glacier in the Alps.
  • Happiest moment at 3am:  teepeeing the science teacher’s house in 9th grade while running around the neighborhood with baggies on our feet to keep the dew off.
  • Happiest moment at a movie:  Going to the premiere of 2010: Odyssey II and seeing the whole thing with Arthur C. Clark’s head in the way. I got to sit right behind him and his ears framed my view.  I couldn’t believe the irony.

I could go on and on listing my happiest moments, but why bore you? Besides, some of them require signing waivers.

So, add your happiest moments in a comment below—and subcategorize please!

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5 Responses to Can I have that Happiness in multiples, and sub-categorized, please?

  1. ebroihier says:

    Shopping downtown Chicago years ago, I was stopped by someone from the Trib who asked me a “Man on the street”- type of question: What was the most exciting thing I’d ever done? With the photographer poised to take my photo and the reporter holding a microphone in front of my face, I had no answer! Pathetic.

  2. Mimi says:

    You forgot all about your world travels!

  3. Jim says:

    Send me the waivers.

  4. Yes, holding my babies were some of the happiest moments.

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