Have a Skipperdee Kind of Day!

He spent the winter huddled at the bottom of our pond, immersed beneath several inches of ice. With the unusually warm weather, Skipperdee, our aquatic turtle emerged on Sunday to take in a little sun.

Actually, the turtle belongs to my daughter Molly, a gift from our real estate agent who sold us this house last summer. In past real estate transactions we have received: a pasta making set, gift cards to Macy’s, nothing, and now, a turtle. We named him after the turtle in Kay Thompsons’ Eloise books. I think he likes it.

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3 Responses to Have a Skipperdee Kind of Day!

  1. Jim says:

    It is amazing how an animal like that can come up out of the water when the pond had been frozen solid for so long. This world will never spot amazing me.

  2. Joan B says:

    Finally! A glimpse of the elusive Skiperdee. Such a thoughtful gift!

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