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Give it up for the Torture of It

Even though my husband and I were both raised Catholic in the same small town, neither of us likes to go to church.  So when my daughter was born we got as far as having her baptized, and that was … Continue reading

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Have a Skipperdee Kind of Day!

He spent the winter huddled at the bottom of our pond, immersed beneath several inches of ice. With the unusually warm weather, Skipperdee, our aquatic turtle emerged on Sunday to take in a little sun. Actually, the turtle belongs to … Continue reading

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Habits We Inherit

     When you’re a kid, pretty much all your problems can be solved with a big glass of chocolate milk.  Scraped your knees?  Chocolate milk in your favorite cup to the rescue.  Teased at school?  Make it a double and … Continue reading

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On being nonathletic

My mom, who made all the child-rearing decisions for her eight children, didn’t think it was important for any of us to play organized sports.  It was the sixties.  Most people were not overweight, Title 9 did not exist, and parents did not yet judge each … Continue reading

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